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Blueprint’s community space that provides best practices through peer-to-peer networking, targeted content and access to experts.


Here are specific ways you can be a part and interact with the Blueprint community:

Sign up

Go to the Blueprint Hub and browse the current list of frameworks. Let us know of any frameworks that have had a direct impact on your career but are missing from the current list

Leave a review

Give a score to a framework you’ve used or experienced. We are super excited at the possibility of creating reviews that have less to do with how books are written, and everything to do with the impact they have in our careers. Share your experience, that’s how we learn and inspire others!

Write a post

Share your thoughts about a framework. Remember, there’s a big difference between knowing and doing, your experience can unlock other leaders in ways you can’t imagine. We need more genuine stories of management and leadership out there!

Share with your network

Finally, help us grow the community by sharing our mission with your network. In this hyper-connected yet hyper-edited present we live in, the road to success seems more and more lonely. Help us create a destination where we can safely learn from each other and achieve success faster!

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