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Scaling leadership is today’s biggest business challenge. Today's new workforce demands a new type of leadership, and it’s your job (not HR’s) to deliver.

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8 minutes read • Published Feb 12 •


A practical guide to creating a collective envisioned future

In the last couple of weeks, the topic of a shared future came up in more than a handful of conversations with leaders. Having gone through a few different versions of the same chat, I thought I would write down, in the form of a blueprint, my preferred method to create a collective envisioned future.

Juan Pablo Dellarroquelle


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Blueprint’s bold
new approach

The leaders point of view

We are not solving for payroll, benefits, or compliance. We are a platform designed for operators by operators.

Methodology that adapts to teams

A library of Plug and Play, executable best practices


Deployable at any level of the organization


Agility built-in: test, observe results and iterate faster than ever before

Encode your own practices (from scratch)


Pre-packaged best practices

Practical Research: From bookshelves to daily practices


Community: A global network to share and improve


Consulting that lasts: operationalize and scale any methodology

The best way to obtain results is getting behind your Employees’ Success

Manage teams your way with a product that meets your needs. 

(not the other way around)

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 10.42.15

Blueprint is a People Management Platform built for modern managers who take ownership of the people processes within their organizations.


Join the movement that’s creating the future of management.


Manage teams your way with a product that meets your needs (not the other way around).



Browse and install blueprints. Interact with a community of leaders creating the future of management.


Customize existing or create your own blueprints, for your teams, company or the entire comunity. 

Available for some blueprints


By Juan Dellarroquelle

8 minutes read


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